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Eckart Diary

Thursday, 31. October 2013
Bodybuilding Documentary Entertaining
By magdalenec, 18:45

Here, in volume seven of the ten-volume set, professional bodybuilders explain mass training techniques and principles. Topics covered include mass versus quality workouts, power training, strength versus power, compensatory acceleration, and how to build mass using free weights. ~ Karla Baker, Rovi Series Information

They accept no shortcuts. That's why they are the best of the best at what they do. That's also why Generation Iron succeeds where other rote sports docs often struggle. Instead of clinging to cliches, Yudin wisely uses the inherent eccentricities of the bodybuilding community to help distance his film from convention. These are colorful characters populating the gyms and global competitions filmed for Iron, and they have fascinating stories.

Bodybuilding: The benefits of Glutamine

The training is incredibly intense to get the results I want. Sarah got into body building after competing as a long-distance runner at the World Firefighter Games in 2007. Sarah saw the winner of the womans bodybuilding competition and thought: Im in better shape than her. Sarah says: 'Being a fire fighter really helps with my bodybuilding because my job is so physical' Since front page then Sarah has travelled round the country showing off her powerful figure and notching up successes in the world of bodybuilding. She was crowned Miss Britain at the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association championships in May. Now she is just one step from the top bodybuilding title in the world after finishing second at the Mr and Ms Universe competition in Southport, Merseyside.

-What is a good age to start training in bodybuilding? -A person of any age can practice bodybuilding. My youngest son started training when he was just ten years old. He practically grew up in the gym.

Glutamine can be purchased in pill form or powder. However, with powder, it can be added to your post workout drinks, which will in turn speed up the recovery process, repairing muscle tears and tissue, relieving soreness, and helping with fatigue after a grueling workout. Also, speeding up this process will increase your ability to build more muscle tissue over time, as research has shown that Glutamine can help to produce growth hormone levels. In short, Glutamine is a primary energy source for your immune system.

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